- Wave properly you stupid bitch!
- Nan please, that's the Queen.


- Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow.
- Nan please, it's an inter-racial couple.


- Ridin' solo, I'm ridin' solo....
- Nan please, we're at granddad's funeral.


- Stop ya crying cunt.
- Nan please it's a baby.


-OI slag, shut ya legs.
-Nan please, she is having a baby.


-What are you looking at old cunt.
-Nan please that's the mirror.


-Shit that bitch is gunna get Sniped!!!
-Nan, please she's Hindu


-Get the fuck off my property.
-Nan please it's just monopoly.


-You wanna buy some weed?
-Nan please she's four!


-These nan jokes are getting old.
-Nan please, So are you.

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