- Look at those speeding cunts.
- Nan that's an ambulance.


- They see me rollin', they hatin'...
- Nan get out of the trolley.


- Who's that slut waving at us?
- Nan that's mum.


- Fuck off, ninja!
- Nan, that's a muslim.


-Go back to Africa, go back to India!
-Nan shut up we're at the zoo.


-Say hello to my little friend...
-Nan put down the midget.


-Whus that old cunt wavin' on the balcony..
-Nan that's the queen.


-Wear some colours ya emos!
-Nan we're at a funeral.


-He's slow as fuck.
-Nan, that's Usain Bolt.


-Stop licking your pussy cunt.,
-Nan, that's a cat.


-Wake up ya lazy cunt!
-Nan he's in a coma!

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