Q: Which movie starring Amy Winehouse is getting Oscar buzz?

A: "Coke Whore"


Q: Whats worse than having Britney Spears as a mom?

A: Having Amy Winehouse as a nanny!


Q: Why did the Amy Winehouse snort artificial sweetener?

A: She thought it was diet coke.


Q: What's worth more than a black market kidney or liver?

A: Amy Winehouse's nose hairs!


Q. Why does Amy Winehouse have a tattoo of a pocket on her boob?

A. It's where she keeps the tattoo of her keys.


Q: What's the difference between February and Amy Winehouse?

A: February makes it to 28!


Q: What's more toxic to babies than Chinese milk?

A: Amy Winehouse breastfeeding your kids!


Q: How do you know your playing a tennis match with Amy Winehouse?

A: Your opponent tries to snort the service line!


Q: Amy Winehouse's health is at risk due to her crack problem.

A: Her doctors say that if she doesn't wash it soon, she'll get gangrene.



Q: Why was Amy Winehouse being treated for an adverse reaction to medication?

A: Doctor said she had overdosed on fresh air.


Q: Amy Winehouse just received the starring role in what movie?

A: Fraggle Rock: The Movie


Q: What will Amy Winehouse do with her 5 grammy awards?

A: Sell them on Ebay to buy crack!


Q: What’s the difference between Amy Winehouse and Amy Winehouse jokes?

A: The jokes will get old.


Q: What’s the difference between me and Amy Winehouse?

A: Amy has more money, but I woke up on Saturday!


Q: How do men pick up Amy Winehouse?

A: With a stretcher!


Q: What did Amy Winehouse say right before she died?

A: "How about a magic trick? I'm gonna make this line of coke...disappear!"


Q: What have Amy Winehouse and a fly got in common?

A: They’re both six feet.


In world news today Switzerland just medicalised heroin! In other news, Amy Winehouse is moving to Switzerland!


Q: Why is Amy Winehouse having fainting spells?

A: Her crack levels are getting low!


Q: What is Amy Winehouse's favorite song?

A: I wanna rock!

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