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Kill the enemy penguinz y shooting them fearlessly!!!
Colorful Penguins
Cut the ropes and ice blocks to get the penguins to reach the blocks of the same color.
Polar Trouble
Help the penguins getting rid of their enemies by throwing snowballs with a bouncing board in this physic based winter themed puzzle game!
Learn to fly
Learn to fly with your penguin. Use kites, rockets and all that great stuff that makes us spend hours on these silly games.
Polar Bob
A simple launch and jump game, play as Polar Bob who’s trying to save the Moon Princess.
Conquer antarctica
It's like the well known game "Worms". You shoot once each time and your goal is to make all enemies disappear.
Show your flips and turns to gain points and you can also get an addition points by collecting different items during the game.
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