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Evolution squared
In this arcade game you have to evolve by starting as a small black square. Get on top of the food chain. It's fun!
Minesweeper: A space Odyssey
Minesweeper Space Odyssey is played by revealing squares of the grid, typically by clicking them with the mouse. If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player loses the game.
Paper Train
Control railway traffic without crashing any trains.
Gather the squares with your mouse. Simple but very fast and addictive.
Stop the angry squares
It's a quite simple game but it can become very addicting. As the title says don't let the squares hit the wall!
Square Arena
Run squary, run.... as fast as you can. Select your team and join the global battle.
Pizza Squared
Quite high in my list of rediculous foods someone can order.
Try to keep the white ball on the blue square. That simple... but very addictive.
Galaxy Raider
This action game takes you deep into outer space, where you have to fight your way through thousands of levels to collect rotating cubes featuring an awful lot of deadly fireballs and spike mines.
Arachnia is a one room survival game about the fear of spiders... in the dark.
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