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You have a pencil. Your enemies have high-powered cannons. Nothing to say more.
Little Spider
Your task in this fun platform puzzler is to help the spider get home to its web by drawing wall lines for it to crawl on.
Sugar, sugar
Great game!! Try to put the sugar into the cups by drawing!
Doodle destroyer
You draw your own ship and kill ships that attack you. Simple and a nice time-waster.
Draw play
In this little adventure you have to draw your own crazy platforms to get the flag and move to the next level. Be creative!
Magic Pen 2
Draw whatever you need so that the balll reaches the red flag..!
Rainbow roller
Guide the ball through the stages using your magic wand. Draw lines to overcome obstacles and reach the flag at the end!
Kseniya Simonova - Sand animation
Kseniya Simonova is the amazing winner of "Ukrain's got talent 2009". All she needed was a bit of sand to demonstrate the history of her country during World War 2. You can see how emotional the audience became.
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