The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act that started in 1925 and were best known for their numerous short subject films.In the act, lead comedian Healy would attempt to sing or tell jokes while his noisy assistants would keep interrupting him. Their films have never left the television airwaves since first appearing in 1958, and they continue to delight old fans while attracting a new legion of fervent admirers.

In 1930, Ted Healy and His Stooges appeared in their first Hollywood feature film, Soup to Nuts, released by Fox Film Corporation. The film was not a critical success.The trio featured in a series of musical comedy shorts, beginning with Nertsery Rhymes.Healy and company also appeared in several MGM feature films as comic relief, such as Turn Back the Clock (1933).Their final film with Healy was MGM's 1934 film, Hollywood Party.

They started as "Ted Healy and his Southern Gentlemen" which comprised Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard. This original trio did one feature film entitled Soup to Nuts after which Shemp left the group to pursue a solo career, and was replaced by his brother Curly Howard.

Shemp rejoined the group after Curly suffered a debilitating stroke in May 1946, reinstating the original line-up until November 1955, when Shemp died of a heart attack. In order to complete four Shemp-era shorts, film actor Joe Palma was used as a temporary body double to Shemp, before Joe Besser became the long-term replacement as the third Stooge. Ultimately, Joe DeRita (nicknamed "Curly Joe") replaced Joe Besser by 1958. The act regained momentum throughout the 1960s as popular kiddie fare until Larry Fine's paralyzing stroke in January 1970 effectively marked the end of the act proper. Moe tried, unsuccessfully, one final time to revive the Stooges with longtime supporting actor Emil Sitka filling in for Larry. After having big health problems they both decieced in 1975.


Moe Howard

Moe Howard was born in 1897, in Bensonhurst, New York. Moe's real name was Moses Horwitz. In 1909 at the Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn he earned his entry into film making by running errands for the performers. Moe has two children, Joan and Paul. Moe passed away on May 4, 1975 at the age of 77.

Larry Fine

Larry Fine was born in 1902 on the south side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.As a child, Larry's left arm was badly burned from acid used by his father in the jewelry business. Larry's doctors recommended that he be given violin lessons as a form of therapy.Larry's skill as a violinist became so impressive that eventually he began to play professionally.After 1958, Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe performed before live audiences all across the country but After his stroke Larry never performed again. Larry Fine passed away on January 24, 1975.

Curly Howard

He was born in 1903 in Bath Beach, a summer resort in a section of Brooklyn.Curly Howard's real name was Jerome Lester Horwitz. Curly's interest in show business grew as he watched his brothers, Shemp and Moe perform as stooges in Ted Healy's act.On May 6, 1946, he suffered a stroke during the filming of his 97th Three Stooges comedy, Half-Wits' Holiday (1947).Finally, in 1949, Curly's health took a severe turn for the worse when he suffered his second in a series of strokes. He died in 1952 in the age of 48 years old.

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